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What is the danger of EMFs?

So what is EMF? 

Electro magnetic fields are invisible energy, also known as radiation, that are associated with natural and man-made devices. There are non-ionizing, which is low-level radiation generally  perceived as harmless and ionizing high-level radiation which is perceived as having potential to create cellular and DNA damage.

Types of non-ionizing are frequencies, radio frequencies, microwaves and types of lighting, that come from microwave ovens, computers, house energy smart meters, wireless networks, cell phones, blue tooth devices, power lines and MRIs.

Types of ionizing are UV light, gamma and x-rays that come from sunlight, x-rays and gamma rays.

So should you be worried? First of all the media is going to try and make EMF's potential to cause disease and cancer a non-issue because they have to protect the industries making, selling and using EMF devices. It is our job to give you the unbiased information for  logical and straight forward decision making

Let's take a look:

In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified EMF radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans [let's not forget our furry family members too] This classification was based on an increased risk of glioma [ a type of brain cancer] related to cell phone use.

In 2018, research from the National Toxicology Program found exposure to high levels of RFR - radio frequencies used in 2G and 3G cellular phones could cause cancer in rats.

" If one uses the AirPods many hours a day, the cumulative exposure to the brain from this microwave radiation could be substantial" Moskowitz stated. See website

"No published scientific study yet has explored the aggregate biological effects on the complex, multi-frequency radiation that now pollutes inhabited buildings and the general environment everywhere across the globe."


Stockholm study shows the scary reality of how we are bombarded with radiation exposure everyday.

Ultra complex 4G waves shown above. Scientists have had neither the time or money to investigate how 4G signals may increase the risk of cancer.

You need to act and do something about the exposure to radiation for you and your family. 
There should be no fear in living a modern life as long as we are proactive and protect ourselves and our family. This is why we decided to produce and distribute the EMF-Energy Cards. We protect ourselves with these cards, we use them everyday and we feed our plants with prepared water from they EMF-Energy Cards because we believe all living things deserve to have the best.


EMF-Life Force Energy Cards

The answer to radiation damage

Being  able to follow the disturbances of the body and understand how these disturbances were damaging the body's pure life energy gave us insight into what to do.

 The impact of nuclear radiation on humans reached far beyond what the media wanted you to believe. Furthermore, your computer, cell phone, electronics in the workplace, home and anywhere you visited that used any technological electronics were altering your cells life force. 

Radiation can affect you in two ways: one is direct and the second is through damage to the life force. This latter damage lowers your resistance to damage and disease. Many doctors say every cancer patient they treat all have radiation damage, their energy is way down and it is hard to combat disease, especially cancer.  This may not be the cause they say but it most certainly prevents the body from healing or preventing disease.

Structured water is essential, the EMF-Cards can repair the damage. We all have life force; it is what keeps our cells line up and working in harmony. Religions speak of life energy and scientists have been studying it. No one could really measure the damage, let alone repair it. Seeing the results in those that have used our EMF-Energy Cards shows us they not only help prevent damage but repairs the damage,

A life force device [EMF-Card] was created using over ten layers of microscopic vacuumed deposited conductors and layers of dielectric organic material, combined carefully into a sealed card.  They were tested to measure their strength and ability to repair life force damage.  They used the cards on plain water and after the water sat on a card for 30 minutes the water's surface tension changed as well as the rate of evaporation.  After sitting on the card and consumed, the newly structured water repaired the damage to the person's life force.

 Understand how structured water works - Video

How to use the EMF Cards:

  • Place glass or pitcher of water on the card for 30-40 minutes, drink the water. If it is left off the card the water will begin to degrade again.  The water will begin to restructure the water within your body's cells repairing damage.

  • Carry a card with you: having the card with you will protect the structure on your cells from outside radiation damage. Having each member of the family carry one during the day will help protect them from the onslaught of EMF damage during their day.

  • End everyday with a glass of EMF-Card's structured water 

  • For your pets or livestock: Give them structured water once a day to protect them from the damages of environmental EMF's they are exposed to.

  • For your plants and vegetables:  Feed them structured water and watch the seedlings take off faster, watch how quickly they will grow. Plants fed structured water from the EMF-Cards are healthier, grow faster and produce more blooms or are more bountiful.

Below is an example of an experiment using different water to grow simple mung beans. 

How to care for your EMF-Card:

  • Do not bend, cut or damage your card - if you do, please replace it immediately.

  • Wash from time to time your EMF-Card with soap and water, rinse under running water thoroughly for a few minutes.

How to buy your EMF-Cards:

You can find our wholesale information on our Ordering information page.

We believe health is our goal. Making our cards available at a very reasonable cost had to happen to provide families with EMF protection and creating the life force within our bodies to maintain health. Our prices have changed to reflect our goal to get into as many households and offices as possible. Overcoming the onslaught of EMF - including 5G frequencies - must be done.

Unlike other EMF devices our cards are designed to be simple and highly effective. We use NO chemicals or radioactive materials like thorium powder, as others use. Read more on our research site.

Due to increases in our supply costs we are forced to increase our prices. We know how important blocking dangerous EMF's are and the need to repair our bodies with structured water. Our staff believes everyone needs a card, they agree a summer special will help achieve this.

Staff member: I had hip pain and thought is was from an old horse injury until I put an EMF card in my pocket - surprise the pain was gone. I removed the card and the pain returned. My cell phone caused the pain. The EMF card stopped it. Who cares about the science in why and how - it ___ ___ works!


Standard size: 3/1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches :  $50 each


Credit card size [limited supply]: $45 each $30 Limited Time

We are discontinuing this size, the regular size works in your pocket or with your phone. Until they are gone you may purchase them for $30 each. When they are gone they are gone.

Shipping $5.00 up to 10 or $10 for over 10 cards


Gardener or Livestock card: 9 inches by 9 inches [ for large containers of water, also office water coolers ] $70 each

Shipping is $12 if buying Large size


People ask if they are buying cards for the family can they get a discount?

Answer is YES.

Ask us for a special discount for families

See ORDER PAGE for ordering details

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