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pocket blanket

The Pocket-Blanket
This is one of our original designs and still popular among young mothers.
It is designed with a pocket inside where the baby is placed, keeping their feet and torso warm. The baby cannot kick off the blanket and the bottom is squared off providing unrestricted movement of the baby's feet. The corners can be tucked tightly around the baby to swaddle the infant for calming when needed.  As the baby grows, the top corner provides a hood to keep the baby's head warm. Each blanket is double layered for quality and comfort.
The blanket can be turned around for keeping babies and toddlers warm in strollers or car seats. After the baby is buckled safely in, place the baby's legs into the pocket, tuck the corners around the baby's sides, fold down the 'hood' to the outside exposing the 'hood'. Baby can place their hands into the 'hood' for warmth or it provides a neat pocket for a safe toy or snack close at hand.

Pocket Blanket -Flannel - $29
Pocket Blanket - fleece/flannel - $35 (shown above)
Pocket Blanket -Flannel - Newborn or Preemie - $25

Shipping $8

See ORDER PAGE  for ordering details

updating for 2023

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Updating for 2023
Give Them The World

Give them the world conception was created by Jesicha Napolitano the owners daughter. Jesicha was children's clothing designer. She died of Chemotherapy damage [you can read her story here ] It was her illness that prompted the owner of Nurturtech to explore new research and development in ways to combat illnesses.

The concept of Give Them The World is to repurpose material things into new innovative and exciting products.  All are one-of-a-kind. Check back here from time to time to see what has been repurposed. Some items are actual items Jesicha did before she died and will be noted.

We are working on adding new items for 2023. Check back soon.