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About What We Do

 Our Focus

If it is beneficial to the body, mind, spirit and earth we will offer the product or service.  Chemicals and toxins make up a great deal of what we eat, use, breath in and wear; creating a very toxic environment. What we  focus on is to eliminate and create a healthy environment for you, your family and your family pets.

Our research and development department, Paradigm Research brings us to always look in a direction of research others have not dared to.

 We will try to find the best products at the best prices

When we find a product or service we feel proud to stand behind we will try and bring it to you at the lowest price.
We don't always make a profit. Often you will see on our site links to products or services that we feel are important for you to know about. These companies don't pay us to tell you about them, we are that committed to bringing you the best we find.

We continue to research and develop new ways to keep you healthy and provide well-being to your family

Joining our research program through a pledge donation, you will have access to samples of our available non-toxic mineral and food based formulas. They can help in providing the immune support needed to fight diseases and disorders. Your feedback is essential to give others the information they may need and want to help them and their family members.

Through this program you will have access to the information we have found to help heal and treat diseases and disorders. Our goal is to find complete solutions to heal, we do not believe just treating symptoms is the answer. Our shared healing information is private and any professional we may share contact information with is not to be considered an endorsement or recommendation for such treatment. Your choice is always yours alone.

About Us

We were established in 1984

In 1984 faced with trying to find a safe baby carrier, the founder of Nurturtech used her expertise in research and design to develop an orthopedically designed baby carrier called the Hitch-hiker. This was the beginning of what we call Paradigm Research. We look at things in a different way and go in a direction that produces out of the ordinary things.

We added to our line up of products the Pocket-Blanket that keeps a baby safely wrapped and swaddled giving the infant the sense of trust and well-being in their new world.

Over the years we added to our line of juvenile holistic, save and orthopedic products the Bionic Reuseable Fitted Breathable diapers.  This design created awareness in the chemical laden unsafe disposable diapers, exposing babies to dangerous toxins. The corporations with billions of dollars overcame our research and awareness to the public, yet the truth has not changed.

Today we continue to find, create and bring to the public products and services that will protect you and your family. The founder has developed and continues to research  formulas and devices to make us safer from the toxic environment that depletes our food sources of nutrients and damages our bodies from chemical and electronic or radiation exposure.  The research and development department of Nurturtech, Paradigm Research,  combines minds that think beyond the impossible. 

Nurturtech will bring to you new and innovative products to keep you and your family safe and healthy.