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Ordering Retail

 Ordering Retail:

How to order:

Email us the items you are ordering - product and quantity, name, address, phone and email address for quick contact and method you paid. We will match your order with incoming donations received and prepare your order for shipment.  International shipments: we will give you the shipment costs when we receive your email order via reply email. We will watch for your payment from the platform you chose.
If you are ordering EMF cards with other products if we get everything in a single package we will send you back extra shipping charges.
Pay us using Zelle payment platform using
Paypal using [ "friend/family to friend/family" option will incur no extra fees. We operate on a very small margin of profit any extra fees hurt us. If you pay us without using this method please add extra 5% for fees.


check or cash to
                            569 Milton Rd
                            Litchfield, CT 06759

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We understand things can get confusing or you may be someone that needs something special. Our focus is to get what you need to keep your family healthy.

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Wholesale Orders

Ordering Wholesale:

Most of our products can be purchased at wholesale prices. Special orders or one-of-a-kind pieces are the exception.

-Energy Cards - Wholesale Information:

We are the exclusive producers of the EMF-Cards. The cards are all painstakingly made one at a time for perfect cards. We use only safe materials, NO dangerous thorium powder is ever used.

 All wholesale orders to holistic practitioners or health related stores or establishments are processed through our ordering department. 

Our drastic price cuts to meet our goals in overcoming the onslaught of EMF pollution in our daily lives means wholesale prices are cut too. Get them into the hands of your patients, clients, staff or customers.

Standard [approx 3.5"X 3.5"] or Credit card (wallet size)cards:

10-100: $32.00 each

ver 100 $29 each

Specify what size you want or combine quantities of either size.

Shipping is $12.00 USA only

Please contact us for international shipping

EMF-Energy Cards large size designed for large amounts of water used for plants, livestock, pets, office coolers. These are about 9X9 inches

Order: 10 - 100: $50 each

Shipping is $25.00 USA Only

Please contact us for International Shipping

Pocket- Blankets: 10 or more

                 Regular: $ 20  Newborn/ Preemie: $18

Fleece and flannel :
                  Regular only: $28

Shipping is $25  for 10
larger orders shipping will be determined by weight

Please contact us for International Shipping


Email us your order - include shipping unless it is international and method of payment. Once payment is received your order will be shipped. For international orders we will determine shipping and give you the total for payment processing.

 To order you may use ZELLE payment or Paypal using as the email to send directly through to us.
You may also send us a check. Once it clears the order is sent out ASAP.
Mail to: Nurturtech
               569 Milton Rd
               Litchfield, CT 06759

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours unless there is a backorder and we will notify you.