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Welcome to Nurturtech

Our founding product was first patented in 1984. The Hitch-Hiker Baby Carrier was the first orthopedically designed carried that supported the baby's hips for proper skeletal development of the hips, back and neck. It was orthopedically designed for the adult, distributing the baby's weight equally across the back and shoulders, making it comfortable to wear for hours and carrying heavier babies.




Nurturtech, a place to discover wellness and contentment. Our products and services give you the tools to help you become healthy and content in your life.

We believe good health comes from using products that are friendly to the body and to the earth.  Toxins and chemicals often are found to interfere with the environment and can promote or possibly cause illness or disease.

The products and services Nurturtech provides are beneficial to wellness. It all begins at Paradigm Research where we do our research and develop what we know will be beneficial to family, self and loved ones.

Our products are chemical and toxin free. Any food is considered to help provide benefits to your good health.  We want your family happy and healthy.

Our services are to help create and learn how to live with joy and contentment. We believe when you have less stress and you learn how to cope with your problems and your health improves. Past emotional problems and past living experiences have a great impact on how we live today and tomorrow; we help you learn how to discover the beginnings of your problems so your future will be joyful.


Our World Makes Us Sick

We are here to make it safer

Pesticides, Plastics, Chemicals, EMF's from Electronics, Cell Towers, Wireless communication and more make our world one of the most toxic environments to live in.  But we have nowhere else to live or raise our families so we must do our best to avoid, overcome and prevent the sickness that comes with living in such a world.


Our world is set up to make our bodies susceptible to disease. Unless we are diligent we will fall victims of our unhealthy environment.

One of the biggest hidden dangers is our continued exposure to electro magnetic fields - EMF's - from your computer, television, printer, game consoles, microwave, cell phones, to the cell towers, wireless communications and electronically controlled public devices. These are bombarding your body with frequencies that literally change how our cells reproduce, heal and live.  THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CAUSES OF AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE AND CANCER.

We believe we have done a magnificent job in discovering exactly how to fix your body when it comes in contact with EMF's. The EMF-Energy Cards will fix EMF and radiation exposure.


What about all the other unsafe and unhealthy things?


What can we do?

1. Do not use Pesticides - Use only natural methods to kill garden pests. 

2. Do not use plastics that leach chemicals into your food or water - Use only glass or ceramic for eating, and stainless or cast iron [well seasoned] to cook.

3. Chemicals are in most products - carefully chose what you buy and chose only those products that are made with human and animal safe ingredients. 

We will add pages and links to what we find are safe and healthy products for you and your family. Stay tuned.

The sicker we become the more drugs are produced and the more we get sick.


Viruses, Bacteria and Fungus are living things and go by the natural laws of survival; hence they will like any living thing, adapt to the environment they live in.

So what does this mean?  It means when we get sick with one of these living pathogens and use a chemical [drug] to try and kill them, they will want to survive so they will adapt to the chemicals, become resistant and stronger. Lesson here is, that you cannot change nature. If you want to kill a pathogen you better use something they won't become resistant to.
This is where you will want to go read up on the discovery of our Cell-F-Defense and learn how you can help in the research by getting a sample of it to use for your family. Learn more